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Design fiction is a method of critical design that uses fictional and narrative scenarios to envision, explain and raise questions about possible futures for design and the society (Wikipedia).
And this is what the RyanFair campaign is. Of course, is completly fictional.
You can frame it as hoax and false. But it is a possible reality.

Some people can fly, others can’t. This is the reason why migrants swim, sail and drown.
Because other people don’t want them to use other means of transportation. I’m not talking about RyanAir. I’m talking about rules, people who made rules and people who respect these rules.

In this universe we had 3000 people dying in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015.
For a few hours other people have been able to imagine a parallel universe.
Look at the emotional response on social networks.
Look at the worldwide media.
Look at the RYAAY stocks at Nasdaq.

Stop with reality, we have to exceed it.
We have to change rules or violate them.

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